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In the fall of 2013, after an eight week diagnosis, we lost my mom to pancreatic
cancer, and a month later we said goodbye to a 17 year member of our family, our dog Chocolate.


I never knew that I could feel so heartbroken and defeated.  I was lost and vulnerable.  
I cried all the time.

I dealt with my grief by reaching for bags of potato chips, chocolate bars and cake .  
I was back on the sugar high and low roller coaster.

By the early Spring of 2014 I knew it was time to get off the couch and take back control.  
Although I wasn't at my all time heaviest weight I was well on my way.  
I hadn't worked out in months and I felt lethargic, sad and out of control. 

I decided I needed some help and so I hired an online trainer and completed a 4 Week Fitness program.

The program was 4 weeks of mindful, clean eating, weight training and cardio HIIT intervals.  

A final, 5th week was preparation for a fitness style photo shoot.  

That was the year I turned 56.

I realized that a fitness shoot was something I wanted to do on a yearly basis, and so I have.  
It helps to keep me motivated and gives me a constant goal to work toward.

The year I turned 57 my 25 year old daughter joined me.  That same year we submitted our story
and photos to Vegan Health & Fitness Magazine and we were featured in their healthy role model section.

At 58 I had no intentions of slowing down and so the photo shoot tradition continues.  
Now that 60!!!!! is under my belt, I have more goals for the photoshoot at 61!!!!

I believe that every woman can benefit from a photo shoot!
One of my goals as a Health & Wellness Coach is to include a program that incorporates a photo shoot as an end goal.

Are you game?

Complete the Contact Form  to let me know!

Stay tuned.

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Age: 60

Unedited photos by Paul Buceta
Hair and Makeup Alexandra K. Smith

Age: 59

Age: 58

Unedited photos by Paul Buceta
Hair and Makeup Monica Kalra

Photography by West Studio 
Hair and Makeup Pretty Me Makeup

Age: 57

Photography by Paul Tizzard
Hair and Makeup Florencia Taylor

Age: 56

The Four Weeks to Fab photo shoot that started it all!

Photography by Paul Tizzard
Hair and Makeup Florencia Taylor

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