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Over the years I've done a lot of different workouts, but one thing has always remained the same:  I have always worked out at home.  You might wonder why?  At first it was because the thought of going to the gym was super intimidating to me.  I'd even go to our local gyms (I think I've checked out and try to convince myself that I could do it, but I knew it just wasn't the place for me.  There are women in my programs that love the gym, and take their online workouts there, and that's great, but it isn't me.  

I LOVE working out at home for so many reasons:  convenience, cost, comfort, and results. 
How do these workouts change your body, mind and soul?  
They are consistent. Consistency trumps all else in the world of fitness and that goes for nutrition as well as workouts.  Being consistent will give you unbelievable results -  a great workout schedule can get you super fit
in just 30 minutes a day.
I've bounced back & forth between different styles of at-home workouts, but always come back to my roots:  working out in a "group" setting with a video format.  When I first started out the workouts were on VHS, then DVD and now streaming online.  I've done them all, and by far my favourites are the ones I do with Beachbody:  P90, P90X, LIIFT4 - there are so many to pick from boredom will never be an issue!

Portion control & balance: period.  Not deprivation, not denial.  This is a program for real life.  A program that will teach you there are no bad foods, just better choices....and if you have an oops! day, well it doesn't set off an entire series of oops!  It's a  bump in the road that you move around and then get back on.  Consistency pays off.  There is no beating yourself up, no feeling bad, no thinking that you've ruined it all.  Being consistent and balanced wins every time!

With portion control there is no guessing, no counting.  Vegan?  Vegetarian? We have you covered!
You might even find that you are eating more, enjoying your food more and the weight will still come off. 
Along with learning about nutrition you'll be provided with meal planning & prepping ideas, recipes & access to the best superfood shake on the market!


I talk about mindset all the time.
Because without a great mindset everything remains the same.  We can't just work on our food & nutrition, we also need to work on what we are telling ourselves about who we are and who we think we are.

This is something I am constantly working on with myself and my accountability groups.  We all want to feel good about ourselves physically, emotionally and mentally.

Our accountability group is set up on Facebook and I check in
I often check-in with clients via private messaging and am there to help keep you on track to reach your goals!
As your coach you will have access to me on a daily basis.

Together we are a team working towards your goals!

Accountability Group Peers
Your peers are there for you!
They will help motivate you, provide support to you and cheer you on.

Being a member of Kicking Ass After 50 is more than just workouts & nutrition planning.  It's being part of a community of women who are there for the same things you are:  to learn, grow, accomplish and support.

You will find the power within yourself to do things you never imagined including showing up for yourself

Ready to make a change? 

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Are you wondering what, exactly, an accountability group is?

An accountability group incorporates everything you need for a successful health & wellness journey

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